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Video: Angry Mall Elf Maces Family

Police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina say that a woman took her role as Santa's Helper a little too seriously when she sprayed a family with mace following a fight.

Target of the attack, Elsie Brooks, told authorities that the elf first began berating her mother for not adhering to Santa's apparently very strict line rules.

"You need to get behind the line! You need to get behind the line ma'am, you can't be past that line," the unruly elf shouted at the Brooks family.

Despite their attempts to calm the tantrum-throwing toymaker, Brooks says, she continued shouting at them until they decided to report the incident to mall security.

However when they tried to take a picture of the woman in order to properly identify her, they say the elf had an unexpectedly ugly reaction and began spraying them with mace!

Both Brooks' mother and grandmother were on the receiving end of the elf's over-the-top assault and say that they are still suffering from discomfort due to the mace being sprayed at their faces.

Police subsequently arrested the elf and the company behind the Santa photo service say that she has been suspended pending an investigation.

Although there has been no comment yet from Santa regarding the rogue elf, it's a safe bet that his former helper has found herself on the Naughty List this year.

Source: WSOC TV

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