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Video: Art Gallery Selfie Goes Awry

An ambitious attempt at taking a selfie at an art exhibition in Los Angeles resulted in a jaw-dropping scene thanks to an ill-timed stumble.

Captured via security cameras at the '14th Gallery' in LA, a patron can be seen crouching down in front of a small pillar and preparing to take a picture of herself in front of an array of artwork.

However, the would-be selfie subject loses her footing in the process and accidentally knocks the stand over into a neighboring pedestal, sending the entire row of stands falling over as if they were dominoes.

Were it not inadvertent, the incident could almost qualify as performance art by virtue of how perfectly timed the pillars fell.

According to the art gallery, the snafu caused an estimated $200,000 dollars worth of damage since several of the pieces that fell the floor ended up being broken or needing serious restoration work.

And, in a bit of an ironic twist to the accident, a recent LA Times review of the exhibition actually raved that the showcase is rife with opportunities for visitors to take some truly memorable selfies alongside the artwork.

While that certainly seems to be the case with this particular picture, we're guessing that the woman in the photo probably wishes she'd opted for a different angle, since being the center of attention in this instance turned out to be a disaster.

Source: CNET

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