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Video: Australian Boy's Explosive Wish Gets Granted

An Australian boy battling leukemia experienced the dream of youngsters everywhere when a charity organization teamed up with police and made his wish to 'blow stuff up' come true.

When twelve-year-old Declan told the 'Make a Wish' foundation about his explosive request, the group enlisted the help of the Australian Federal Police to provide him with an unforgettable weekend.

It all began with an expansive police motorcade picking Delcan up and shuttling him to an AFP base in the city of Canberra.

Once there, Declan got to participate in a faux hostage rescue scenario before journeying via a monstrous armored car to a training area where the real fireworks began.

The awestruck young man was taught how authorities use explosive charges in dangerous conditions and then Declan proceeded to, as he had wished, 'blow stuff up.'

Clad in a helmet and goggles, he deployed the charges throughout the training camp at various places where police practice such tactics, knocking down doors and walls with the powerful munitions.

Riveted by the faux war games, Declan received a well-needed respite from his battle with cancer, much to the delight of his parents.

Although the incredible weekend also featured a meeting with Australia's prime minister, we're guessing that, when Declan looks back on the experience, it's be 'blowing stuff up' that he most remembers.

Source: abc.net.au

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