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Video: Bald Eagle Rescued from Car Grill

Amidst the cleanup from Hurricane Matthew, authorities in one Florida county found themselves tasked with the strange challenge of rescuing a bald eagle from the grill of a car!

The trapped animal was discovered by a driver near Jacksonville when they spotted something amiss at the front of an oncoming car.

Upon getting a closer look, they were stunned to see the creature's head moving and realized it was an eagle.

Rather than chalk the sighting up to one of life's stranger moments, the kindhearted witness managed to chase down the car and alert the driver about the hidden avian passenger.

Fire and rescue personnel were able to extract the eagle from the grill and turned it over to an animal sanctuary where it will be observed before being released back into the wild.

Experts theorize that the eagle, which has been named Matthew after the storm which swept over the region, somehow became wedged in the car's grill when it had swooped down to snatch a small animal to eat.

That's probably what the eagle wants you to think, since it could be too embarrassed to admit that it got stuck while hiding from the hurricane.

Source: Newser

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