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Video: Bipedal Bear is Heir to Pedals' Throne

Following the suspected demise of New Jersey's beloved bipedal bear Pedals, a new 'walking' creature has stepped forward to take his place as an Internet celebrity.

Dubbed 'Boo Boo,' the bipedal bear is a frequent visitor to the backyard of a home in Hancock, Maryland.

After the owners of the property posted photos of Boo Boo in action, the images of the upright animal quickly went viral, making the creature an unlikely and unknowing star of sorts.

According to the family that revealed Boo Boo to the world, the creature is remarkably friendly and has even wandered onto the porch of their home.

He also seems to have an affinity for attention as the bear will stand on its hind legs whenever it sees a human looking his way.

The emergence of Boo Boo fills the metaphorical void left behind after a hunter in New Jersey allegedly took down that state's popular bipedal bear named Pedals.

And while Maryland also has a bear hunting season, Boo Boo's human friends believe he should be safe from danger due to where their home being surrounded by large plots of private property.

That said, the creature's penchant for making itself seen is probably not the best behavior during bear hunting season.

Source: weather.com

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