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Video: Bizarre Bug Baffles AZ Man

An Arizona man eating his breakfast may be forgiven for losing his appetite after he spotted a bizarre insect lingering at his window.

Despite living in Arizona for nearly four decades, Thomas Acosta had never seen anything like the creepy-looking creature that left him scratching his head and fearing for the safety of his beloved pet dog.

Fortunately for Acosta, a local expert was able to identify the insect as a 'camel spider,' which is a rather unique creature that is not actually a spider.

In fact, the bug is considered a cousin of both spiders and scorpions, since it possesses some of the characteristics of the infamous insects, including a ominous-looking set of pinchers and a monstrous maw.

Although he was assured that the creature is harmless to humans and larger animals, Acosta still plans to call in an exterminator to safeguard his home against the creatures.

While the insect itself is admittedly rather odd, the strangest aspect of Acosta's story may simply be that it somehow wound up being featured on a local newscast to the bewilderment of viewers who were left wondering why.

Source: ABC15 Arizona

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