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Video: Bizarre Meat Mystery Grips Omaha

A truly strange and unsettling mystery has confounded Omaha residents and authorities as someone keeps stabbing trees in a local park with meat-wrapped knives!

The eerie acts of vandalism have perplexed people who find the creepy cutlery, wrapped in meat and butcher paper or duct tape, jammed into trees at the city's Leavenworth Park.

A member of the neighborhood association says that the weird 'attacks' have been happening for the last 18 months and dozens of incidents have been reported to the police.

Nonetheless, investigators seem to have no idea who is behind the spate of stabbings or what message they are trying to convey.

Assurances from authorities that the meat is not human is of little comfort to area residents who are on edge over the odd events.

Beyond the baffling aspect of the mystery, they are also concerned that someone is leaving large knives around the park where children may inadvertently discover them and subsequently get hurt.

With more eyes on the park due to the raised awareness of the perplexing story, perhaps the perpetrator of the crimes will cease their unnerving spree of stabbings.

We can only hope that turns out to be the case, because with barbecue season right around the corner, it's a shame to see all that meat go to waste.

Source: KETV

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