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Video: Businessman Proposes Bold '911 Redux'

An American entrepreneur in Thailand hopes to put 9/11 conspiracy theories to the test with an audacious stunt that will 'recreate' the terror attack.

Paul Salo has launched a crowd-sourced campaign to purchase a disused 747 jet and have it flown, fully fueled, into a building that would otherwise be demolished.

He believes that the outcome of the demonstration will reveal whether or not a building would collapse from the crash and subsequent burning of the jet fuel.

Despite his aspirations to recreate the WTC crash as "thoroughly and accurately as we possibly can," clearly there are a myriad of variables which render the scenario vastly different from the events of 9/11.

And while one may think that Salo's proposal is rooted in a belief that the terror attack was an 'inside job,' the businessman actually expressed a more mainstream opinion.

He theorizes that the outcome of the experiment will be similar to what happened on 9/11 and that the events on that day are likely as we've been told by the government and mainstream press.

That said, he mused that "maybe it's not true. I mean, I want to find out too."

Clearly a savvy businessman, Salo has promised that anyone donating more than $5,000 to his cause will get 'front row seats' to the proverbial show.

Although the plan sounds like it could be wildly expensive, he aspires to have it done as "cheaply as possible" and speculated that only $300,000 would be needed for the event.

Check out Salo's video proposal for the project and tell us on our Facebook page what you think of his bold plan.

Source: Daily Mail

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