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Video: Chrome Cow Controversy Grips Canadian City

Residents of a city in Canada are none too pleased over a new art installation recently unveiled in their community: a two-story chrome sculpture of a cow!

The controversial work has raised the ire of homeowners in the city of Markham because it was inexplicably placed in a part next to a quiet residential neighborhood.

Those who live adjacent to the cow are now crying foul because they are already tired of seeing the strange sculpture looming over them on a daily basis.

"We don't like it. It scares the children," one resident told the CBC, "it's just very odd."

To that end, critics say that the cow is a proverbial eyesore which clashes with the neighborhood aesthetic and could also be dangerous for kids who may try to play near it.

As such, local politicians who approved the placement of the sculpture are under fire for that decision as well as for not consulting area residents about their faux bovine neighbor.

And so, in a rather weird case of bureaucratic red tape, the same politician who approved the sculpture is now telling those annoyed by it to attend the next city council meeting and tell him to have it removed.

Since that gathering is not scheduled to take place until September, residents will be forced to co-exist alongside the chrome cow for at least a few more weeks.

Source: CBC

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