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Video: Circus Forces Dolphins to Jump Through Ring of Fire

Unsettling footage from a traveling circus in Indonesia shows unfortunate dolphins forced to leap through a ring of fire.

The jaw dropping video was released by an animal rights group trying to raise awareness about the horrific treatment of the majestic mammals.

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project says that these types of shows are surprisingly popular in Indonesia although the specific 'ring of fire' stunt was something that even stunned them.

Beyond that particular 'trick,' the video also reveals handlers reacting with cruelty when the animals make a mistake during their coerced performance.

But perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the footage comes when the show is over and the circus workers cram the creatures into tiny boxes in preparation for traveling to the next town.

All told, it is believed that there are over 70 dolphins being illegally kept by traveling circuses in Indonesia.

By sharing the video with the public, the Dolphin Project hopes that authorities in Indonesia will crack down on the circuses due to the increased attention on the issue.

It worked for the frozen fish at the Japanese ice skating rink, so perhaps there's hope for the dolphins suffering from a far more monstrous fate.

Source: Daily Mail

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