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Video: Clever Monkey Robs Jewelry Store

The owners of a jewelry store in India are smarting after falling victim to a heist on their shop by an ingenious monkey!

Captured on security camera video, the sneaky simian first lures the shopkeepers into a false sense of security as it plays with a piece of guava by their door.

However, it is revealed to be merely a ruse from the monkey when it abandons the fruit to dash inside in search of riches.

Incredibly, once it reaches the register, the monkey manages to swiftly locate a wad of cash inside the drawer of a desk.

With its target acquired, the creature makes a quick getaway just as the store's employees realize they are being robbed.

The final moments of the footage are truly life imitating art as the monkey dashes down the sidewalk with its ill-gotten gains in tow and the bewildered jewelry store owners giving chase.

Source: Hindustan Times

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