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Video: Clumsy Customer Topples Four TVs

An incredible piece of security camera footage from an electronics store in England captures the stunning moment when a clumsy customer toppled four expensive smart TVs.

The jaw-dropping scene unfolds as the would-be buyer bends down to look at one of the televisions on display.

He then inadvertently pushes the TV into the one behind it, sending it violently tumbling to the floor.

And, in a moment that almost looks staged, he reels backward when he sees what he has done, but that only serves to send two other TVs behind him falling to the floor as well.

Looking over the carnage, the unlucky customer puts his hands on his head in sheer disbelief while a salesman from the store attempts to recover the downed TVs.

According to the store's assistant manager, the total damage for the accident was a whopping $7,000, although he declined to say whether the customer was billed for the busted televisions.

So in addition to a badly bruised ego, the unfortunate browser may have left the store with a considerably lighter wallet as well.

Source: Plymouth Herald

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