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Video: Company Creates Tsunami-Proof Capsule

With rising sea levels and earthquake activity increasing the risk of tsunamis, one company has devised a unique solution to live through such events: the Survival Capsule.

Dubbed a 'personal safety system,' the enormous aluminum ball boasts the ability to float as well as withstand extreme heat and being struck from the outside.

These attributes would make it the ideal escape location should a tsunami sweep water and debris over an area.

While the concept appears to be sound in theory, the Survival Capsule currently can only provide enough air for people to live for one hour after getting inside the buoyant bubble.

Thus occupants of the device will need to be rescued relatively quickly or hope that they can safely exit the capsule shortly after disaster strikes.

The makers of the capsule say that they are working on designs for the device which can accommodate up to ten people so that families or businesses could utilize the contraption together.

Although the group survival plan may be an ideal scenario for some, those who have endured their fair share of awkward Thanksgiving dinners and mandatory staff outings may find being stuck in a metal ball with their cousins or co-workers to be a fate worse than death.

Source: Daily Mail

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