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Video: Creepy Voodoo Doll Blamed for Mass Hysteria in Nicaragua

In a bizarre story out of Nicaragua, thirty villagers have reportedly become afflicted with a mysterious disease that is being blamed on a voodoo doll!

The strange ailment strikes victims with a variety of eerie symptoms ranging from the physical, like nausea and convulsions, to the truly unsettling such as visions of demons and bouts of violence.

And, making this case even more unnerving than similar mass possessions, each person who comes down with the sickness purportedly then names the next unlucky individual to join them.

However the story does not end there as an incredible source has been identified for the outbreak: a nightmarish doll discovered hidden in the village.

The haunting find was wearing a black ribbon and had a cross drawn on its face, leading the villagers to suspect that their suffering had been caused by some kind of curse placed upon them.

In response, they have decided to burn the doll in the hopes that it will banish whatever black magic it had been conjuring.

Leaving aside the supernatural suggestions and assuming the story is a case of mass hysteria, it would make sense that the destruction of the doll should put an end to the problem even if it is a placebo placed there by other villagers tired of the drama.

Source: Mirror

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