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Video: Did a Psychic Medium Foresee Alan Thicke's Death?

When beloved TV dad Alan Thicke passed away this past December, his family, friends, and fans were stunned by the news, but a popular psychic may have seen it coming.

Three months prior to his death, the Growing Pains star taped an episode of the program Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

During Thicke's reading, the young psychic told him that he was receiving a message from 'the other side' concerning heart issues which may run in the actor's family.

"I have a couple people who kind of came through and acknowledged passing in a bit of a similar sense," Henry said, "It's almost saying like, 'Keep in mind your own heart.'"

Eerily, it appears that Thicke took Henry's advice to be proactive about his health and did have a check-up shortly before his passing in December.

However, the actor's widow says that doctors did not look for the specific type of heart condition which felled Thicke because they had no record of it appearing in his family's history.

Source: People.com

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