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Video: Diver Catches Monstrous Worm!

A fisherman harvesting an exotic form of bait has produced a both mesmerizing and shiver-inducing video as he showcased the capture of a monstrous Bobbit worm.

Unsuspecting viewers are first treated to diver 'Trapula' placing a small steel device on the sea floor.

Suddenly, the trap springs to life as something has become ensnared and begins fighting to escape.

What follows is simply hypnotic as the diver slowly begins pulling the trap up to the surface of the water revealing the Bobbit worm.

The footage becomes all the more unsettling as the trap rises and the worm keeps emerging from the ground, growing longer and longer.

Despite it's creepy appearance, the creature is apparently a fantastic form of bait, meaning that this particular Bobbit worm likely had an even worse fate than what you see in the video.

Source: Express

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