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Video: Doctors in China Grow Ear on Man's Arm

A Chinese man who lost his ear in a traffic accident last year may soon have the appendage replaced by a new one that doctors are growing on his arm!

Known only as Mr. Ji, the pioneering patient turned to plastic surgeons for help after the loss of his right ear greatly disrupted his life.

Because the ear had been completely destroyed in the accident, doctors were forced to start from scratch and devised an incredible solution to solving the problem.

Surgeons created a new ear out of cartilage from Ji's ribs and then grafted the fabricated organ to his arm where it is currently growing into the proper size and shape.

In around three or four months, they will remove the fully matured ear from Ji's arm and transplant it on the side of his head, where it will hopefully fill the void left after the horrific accident.

Let's just hope that the surgery doesn't result in a new and confusing case of 'phantom limb' for Mr. Ji, considering that his arm will have just lost an ear.

Source: Daily Mail

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