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Video: Dog Sitter Films Eerie Figure

A Connecticut woman who was dog sitting for a friend received quite the fright when she shot a video of the pooches to their owner and seemingly captured some kind of intruder lingering in the background.

The creepy video was posted online earlier today and shows the silhouette of a person come peering around the side of a doorway as the dogs run toward their sitter.

According to the woman, she never noticed anything odd about the footage until the homeowner responded to the video telling her to "get out of the house and call 911."

That's when she checked it again and realized that there appeared to be someone or something inside the house.

Unfortunately, the description accompanying the video provides no indication as to what happened, but one would assume that she quickly fled the house.

That said, some skeptical viewers have suggested that she may have had an unauthorized guest over at the home and accidentally revealed their presence via the video or that it could all be a clever hoax.

Those who believe the video is genuine are also largely split on their opinions with some theorizing that the figure was a ghost while others argue it could have been a burglar.

What's your take on the odd video? Let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star

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