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Video: Enormous Crack Forms in Arizona Desert

Jaw-dropping drone footage from the Arizona Geological Survey shows a monstrous crack that has burst open in a part of the state's desert.

The massive chasm measures an astounding two miles long and, in some areas, is an amazing ten feet across.

Geologists who have studied the fissure say that the ominous-looking opening is also nearly thirty feet deep in some locations.

Although the crack has been growing for a while, experts had not realized the full scope of the spectacular split until they viewed it from the unique perspective of the drone that filmed it.

The cause of the crack is believed to be the removal of water from the ground below which causes a subterranean disturbance that ultimately produces the eerie void.

Perhaps even more worrisome is that the crack is only a small indication of what is likely to be a much larger fissure that has formed beneath the surface and will continue to grow over time.

That said, since the not-quite-grand canyon is located in a relatively remote part of the desert, authorities say that it shouldn't be a danger to anyone aside from foolhardy explorers who may attempt to investigate it.

Should such an unfortunate situation arise, we hope that the aspiring spelunker brings a friend along on their adventure since there probably isn't any cell service inside the crack.

Source: LiveScience

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