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Video: 'Fiery' UK UFO Identified

A fiery anomaly filmed flying in circles over a UFO hot spot in the UK late last month has been identified and its source is almost as cool as a flying saucer.

The video, which was filmed in the town of Frome and overlooked a notorious hill known for anomalous events, showed a puzzling object that seemed to sport a streaking tail.

Although UFO enthusiasts expressed hope that the footage captured a fresh case for the area long known for aerial anomalies, alas it was not to be.

Confirming the suspicions of the man who filmed the scene, the 'UFO' has been confirmed to be a conventional aircraft, albeit one that is rather unique.

The witness had, in fact, filmed a flight from a company called AeroSparx that performs dazzling air shows with innovative planes that spray fireworks from their wings and boast other ingenious light effects.

Based in a nearby town, AeroSparx uses the airspace in the area to practice their performances.

When contacted about the 'UFO' event by Somerset Live, AeroSparx told the news outlet that "Yep, was us! No mystery, sorry."

The resolution to the case is a mixed bag, of sorts, for UFO fans in that at least the event was not a deliberate hoax and, for residents of the area, they apparently can see some free fireworks at random times during the summer.

On the other hand, the 'fiery UFO' just goes to show how the already-blurry line between 'ours' and 'theirs' just keeps being harder to see.

Source: Somerset Live

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