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Video: Foam Blob 'Eats' Santa Clara

A mishap at an airport in Santa Clara on Friday spawned an enormous and growing wave of foam that engulfed an area of the city.

The strange event was caused by an accidental release of fire retardant foam from a hangar at the Mineta San Jose International Airport.

Like a classic science fiction film, the foam first slowly oozed out of the building throughout the morning and grew into a full-fledged blob by the afternoon.

Emergency personnel and city officials attempted to regain order in the area as the foam blob enveloped nearby streets and businesses.

However, in keeping with the California spirit, one resident dared to ride his bike through the cloud of foam, much to the delight of onlookers and the chagrin of fire officials.

"That's not a good idea," a spokesman for the department said, sounding like an overwhelmed parent scolding their child, "if it gets in your eyes, it's going to irritate your eyes."

Considering that the foam blob may have constituted the closest thing that some residents have ever come to seeing snow, we can't entirely blame them for getting into the holiday spirit.

Source: KTVU

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