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Video: Frozen 'Moose Battle' Found in Alaska

Hikers exploring in the wilderness of Alaska discovered an epic and icy face off between a pair of bull moose that had been frozen in a river!

The two enormous creatures had seemingly gotten their antlers stuck together while battling for dominance and tumbled into the water, where they met their demise from the frigid temperatures.

The pair were subsequently frozen solid and the chilly clash became covered in snow, hidden until the hikers spotted them.

Wildlife experts marveled at the discovery, since such a scene is rarely found so well preserved.

In fact, the hikers who found the frozen animals managed to have the inadvertent snapshot removed from the ice intact and plan on producing a one-of-a-kind mount of the two moose doing battle.

No doubt the last thing the moose were thinking when their tussle erupted was that they were about to begin a fight that would last forever.

Source: National Geographic

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