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Video: Giant Snake Skin Confirms 'Wessie is Real'

Skeptics who scoffed at reports of a giant snake in Westbrook, Maine may be eating their words after an enormous snake skin was found there this weekend.

The purportedly ten-foot-long creature was first sighted around the end of June by local residents and police officers also spotted the snake shortly thereafter.

That particular encounter was a gruesome scene as the snake was seen eating a small mammal believed to be a beaver.

As its legend grew over the summer, the snake acquired its own cryptid-worthy name, 'Wessie,' and became a bit of a cause celebre in the city, even inspiring a folk song about the mysterious creature.

Nonetheless, animal expressed doubt that such a giant snake could make its home in the Presumpscot River where it is believed to dwell.

However the Wessie haters appear to have some egg on their face this weekend following the discovery of an enormous snake skin in the area.

While the nature of snakeskin has yet to be determined, the find was enough for legendary cryptozoologist and Maine resident Loren Coleman to declare, "Wessie is real!"

In light of this latest development, Westbrook police have warned residents to 'remain alert' when venturing into the area where Wessie may reside.

Whether the giant snake is captured by wildlife officials or manages to continue roaming free in the waters of Westbrook remains to be seen, but its safe to say that tale of Wessie's magical summer will not soon be forgotten.

Source: WMTW / Cryptozoonews.com

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