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Video: Grotesque 'Graham' is World's Safest Driver

An Australian safety campaign has created an unsettling sculpture which depicts what humans would look like if they evolved to survive car accidents ... and his name is Graham.

The answer to what happens when an artist, a trauma surgeon, and a car crash expert join together, Graham is billed as "the only person designed to survive on our roads" by its creators.

The unsightly thought experiment shows just how different the human body would have to be to withstand the immense carnage of a car wreck and should be a sobering revelation for drivers around the world.

Graham's gruesome upper body features rolls of body fat along his chest to protect the rib cage and a chubby cranium that seems to merge into his shoulders since he has no neck.

His ears and nose are almost invisible as they have receded into the skull for protection.

An unlikely winner of any beauty pageants, Graham will go on display at a library in Australia next month before hitting the road, of course, in order to help generate car safety awareness.

And while many aspects of Graham's appearance appear to have been informed by scientific research, we are left wondering about one thing ... why the facial hair?

Source: The Guardian

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