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Video: ISS Installs Inflatable 'Guest Room'

The ambitious inflatable addition to the ISS appears to be an initial success as the unique enclosure has been successfully deployed at the space station.

Designed by private space company Bigelow Aerospace, the 565 cubic foot balloon-like structure is dubbed the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module or BEAM.

Astronauts aboard the ISS managed to complete the seven-and-a-half hour inflation process over the weekend after an initial attempt had been halted due to concerns over the pressure inside the room.

Over the next week, NASA and Bigelow Aerospace engineers will monitor the BEAM to ensure that the zeppelin-esque room maintains its inflated state.

After that, astronauts aboard the space station will allowed to venture into the structure which will subsequently be studied to see how it withstands the treacherous environment of space.

The BEAM concept is thought to be a possible glimpse of future human habitats in space as the activity module is easily transportable to the cosmos in its folded and pre-inflated form.

In light of the many UFO videos we've seen where craft appear near the ISS, perhaps they will inclined to stop in at the space station now that they've added a 'guest room.'

Coast Insiders who want to hear more from private space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow can check out a number of his previous appearances on the program in our archive.

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Source: Space.com

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