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Video: Jesus Statue in Mexico Moves Its Head?

Parishioners at a church in Mexico were left awestruck when they saw a statue of Jesus seemingly move its head during a Good Friday mass.

An attendee at the service, which took place in the town of Tepetitlan, captured the eerie event on video via their cell phone.

In the footage, the statue's head can be seen slightly swaying to the side in a motion that left onlookers stunned.

Many of the churchgoers concluded that the incident was some kind of miraculous occurrence, however the priest presiding over the service begs to differ.

According to Fr. Guerra Lule, the head of the 300-year-old statue is detachable and only used during special services, requiring it to be held atop the figure using velvet ropes.

As such, he suggested, the head likely became dislodged from the statue as one of the ropes broke.

Nonetheless, Lule appreciated the remarkable timing of the event and mused that it was "beautiful."

Indeed, despite the priest's explanation, one can't help but wonder if there was more than mere coincidence at work when the statue suddenly stirred.

Source: Mirror

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