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Video: Jet Dodges Trio of Tornadoes

An amazing piece of footage from Sochi, Russia shows a passenger jet weaving around three ominous-looking tornadoes that had formed over the Black Sea.

The jaw-dropping maneuver occurred earlier this week when an astounding 12 such water spouts formed at the same time in the area.

As this was unfolding, observers on the ground were amazed to see the airliner come barreling through the sky towards three of the tornadoes.

In either a remarkable display of dexterity or simply the result of a clever camera angle, footage of the encounter shows the jet deftly avoid the water spouts as it heads toward a nearby airport.

Although the view from below was rather breathtaking, it paled in comparison to what those aboard the plane were seeing, but we're guessing they weren't exactly too thrilled by the sight.

Source: Daily Mail

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