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Video: Jumbo-Sized Rescue Saves Elephants Stranded at Sea

Members of the Sri Lankan navy performed a massive rescue mission over the weekend when they saved two elephants that had become stranded in the ocean!

The pair of pachyderms are believed to have been swept into the sea by a strong current that left them submerged in water and fighting for their lives.

Remarkable footage of the incident shows the giant creatures barely visible on the surface of the water with their trucks emerging from the ocean as the elephants attempted to stay alive.

Fortunately, a coordinated effort consisting of three boats from the Sri Lankan navy and a team of divers was able to draw the monstrous creatures out of danger and back onto dry land.

However, if the rescuers were expecting some kind of reward from the elephants for their heroic actions, they were likely disappointed as the giant creatures simply wandered off into a nearby forest after they reached the beach and didn't even stick around to say thanks.

Source: CNN

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