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Video: Juno Probe Films Jupiter's Moons in Motion

The incredible insights expected to be produced by NASA's Juno probe have already begun as the craft has produced breathtaking and historic footage of Jupiter's moons in motion.

The remarkable perspective, filmed as Juno was approaching the planet, represents the first time ever that 'celestial harmonic motion' has been captured on film.

"In all of history, we've really never been able to see the motion of any heavenly body against another," marveled Juno principal investigator Scott Bolton at a press conference.

In the somewhat mesmerizing video, four of Jupiter's moons, resembling tiny glowing orbs, can be seen circling the enormous planet.

Were it not produced by the NASA probe, imaginative viewers could easily suspect that it was either a Hollywood creation or the latest puzzling UFO video.

Ironically, the moons in the video are known as 'Galilean' because they were discovered by Galileo, who subsequently used his observations to determine that the Earth revolved around the sun.

And now, over 400 years later, the moons which aided the world-altering discovery have once again made history by being the first to be filmed in motion.

Source: Space.com

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