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Video: LA Man Creates 'People Walking' Business

What started as a joke has evolved into a quasi-career for an unemployed actor in Los Angeles who created his own 'people walking' business.

Chuck McCarthy conceived of the idea as an amusing way to make some extra cash while between acting gigs.

However interest in his service was surprisingly strong, leading McCarthy to pursue the endeavor as a serious business, charging customers $7 per mile for his companionship.

Using only social media and simple fliers, the 'People Walker' has managed to build a healthy base of clients who partake in the unique service.

Based on his initial experiences on the job, McCarthy theorized that his clients are more interested in having someone to talk to rather than simply a fellow walker joining them on their jaunt.

These conversations, he believes, are what have made the concept so successful, telling the Guardian, "I think it's therapeutic even if they’re not baring their souls."

Five other walkers have joined his company with plans for even more expansion down the line, including an app akin to Uber to connect 'on the clock' walkers with new clients.

Ironically, if the business continues to grow, McCarthy may wind up behind a desk managing his massive People Walking empire rather than roaming the streets with clients.

He probably shouldn't worry too much about that happening just yet, since we all know you have to walk before you can run.

Source: Guardian

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