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Video: Lost Nazi Base Found in the Arctic

A team of Russian researchers in the Arctic have discovered remnants of a lost Nazi base that bore the intriguing name 'Treasure Hunter.'

The site, which is believed to have been a weather station, was positioned on a barren island in the Arctic circle.

Due to the extreme weather conditions there, numerous artifacts from the base remained remarkably well preserved when researchers recently found the site.

According to historians, the Nazis only used the weather station for a brief period of time as the scientists stationed there had to abandon the site after they got sick from consuming undercooked polar bear meat.

The base was subsequently destroyed by the Nazis and remained in ruins until its recent discovery.

What may raise eyebrows among conspiracy theorists is the sites' tantalizing title: 'Schatzgraber,' which is German for 'Treasure Hunter.'

To some, the enticing name for the base suggests that perhaps there was more going on there than simply collecting weather data.

In light of the Nazis' deep interest in occult and esoteric topics conspiracy theorists could see the base's name as an indication that is served some purpose related to search for ancient artifacts of that nature.

While we may never know if this particular location served as a staging area for such pursuits, there is a slight bit of irony in that the base, itself, ultimately became home to a wealth of historic treasures for modern researchers.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about Nazi interest in the occult and their possible exploration of the arctic regions of the world can check out Steve Quayle's 12/03/2015 appearance on the program.

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Source: Daily Mail

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