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Video: Luxury 'Doomsday Development' Being Built

A five-star condominium complex under construction north of Dallas aims to be the last refuge for doomsday preppers looking to ride out the apocalypse in style.

Dubbed 'Trident Lakes,' the incredible $300-million dollar project is being built in the remote town of Ector, Texas.

The complex will feature high-end condominiums that double as bunkers as well as an array of amenities that would make a cruise ship envious, including a gun range and a golf course.

Should construction go as planned, the first residents of the development will begin arriving in early 2018 and, ultimately, around 1,600 people could be living there once it is completed.

A series of helipads at Trident Lakes will, ostensibly, allow for their clientele to swoop in at a moment's notice in the event of an impending asteroid strike or other Earth-shattering disaster.

Unfortunately for anyone dreaming of spending their final days in the lap of luxury while the world burns around them, the developers of Trident Lakes have some bad news for you.

According to them, the complex will first reach out to celebrities and athletes to see if they would like to live there and then they plan to open up the development to everyone else.

Even worse, there's already a 500-person waiting list of folks looking for the chance to grab one of the spots that start at $500,000 each and, apparently, come with celebrity neighbors.

Before you start planning on heading down to Ector when the world begins to end anyway, be forewarned that Trident Lakes will be surrounded by a 12-foot wall and guard towers.

So there's a good chance you'll be stuck outside while Tom Hanks and Peyton Manning are in there playing golf.

Since almost all of us won't be able to get in to Trident Lakes, Coast Insiders can check out the 1/28/2015 edition of C2C featuring Chris Geo sharing disaster preparedness tips.

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Source: DFW CBS

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