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Video: Mass 'Possession' Grips Peruvian School

An incredible eighty schoolchildren in Peru suddenly became afflicted by a bizarre 'possession' and unsettling footage from the scene captures the terrifying chaos that ensued.

The outbreak occurred at a school in the city of Tarapoto when dozens of students began having violent convulsions.

Some of the students subsequently fainted while others emitted haunting wails and shrieks that are truly chilling.

But perhaps most unnerving is that many of the stricken students reported visions of being stalked by an eerie bearded man in black that wished to strangle them.

Fortunately the children appear to be recovering from the episode with no serious injuries although medical officials in Peru are puzzled by what may have caused the event.

Local residents with a more spiritual perspective on the world suggest that the strange ordeal was a case of demonic possession and point to the school being built on an old mafia graveyard as evidence for its bad karma.

Of course psychologists and skeptics will say that it was all a case of mass hysteria which quickly swept through the school.

And while it is easy to write such incidents off as merely a trick of the mind, when you can actually see the frightening scene unfold, one almost has to wonder if there is some kind of supernatural evil at work.

Source: Daily Mail

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