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Video: Massive Cache of Nazi Relics Found in Argentina

Authorities in Argentina have recovered an enormous trove of Nazi artifacts that had been hidden in a secret room of a suburban Buenos Aires home.

Believed to be the largest such collection ever found in the country, the 75 creepy pieces of 'memorabilia' are thought to have come from high-ranking members of the Third Reich.

Included in the unsettling collection are several busts and statues of Hitler as well as a vast array of items such as wooden boxes and swords emblazoned with Nazi emblems.

Nazi-themed children's toys, a head-measuring device, and a silver Ouija Board were some of the more unnerving relics also found in the hoard.

And, in a chilling display of attention to detail, some items were accompanied by photos of Hitler or other Nazi officials holding them as if to ensure their evil authenticity.

Investigators are uncertain as to how the collection of artifacts came to be and have yet to identify the person who amassed the monstrous stockpile.

That said, there is suspicion that the artifacts have been in Argentina for quite some time and, in fact, may have made their way to the country alongside Nazis who escaped from Germany at the end of World War II.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the diaspora of Nazis to Argentina, including the longstanding conspiracy theory that Hitler himself secretly escaped to the country rather than having committed suicide, by checking out the 1/14/2014 edition of the program featuring author Jerome Corsi.

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Source: Washington Post

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