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Video: Massive Iceberg Breaks Free from Antarctica

An enormous piece of an ice shelf at Antarctica has finally calved and the size of the newly-formed iceberg is truly staggering.

The jaw-dropping chunk of ice measures 2,200 square miles and weighs a whopping one trillion tons.

Geographically speaking, it is around the size of the state of Delaware and contains enough water to fill Lake Eerie twice.

To that end, the iceberg is so big that cartographers will have to actually adjust the size of Antarctica on maps.

Despite its monstrous size, scientists do not expect the iceberg to be particularly troublesome to either shipping or sea levels, but they'll obviously be keeping an eye on it to track its movements.

One researcher studying the iceberg suggested that it will eventually begin to break apart into smaller pieces as it drifts into the ocean.

No doubt the event will add fuel to both sizes of the climate change argument with some saying the iceberg broke free due to human activity on the planet while skeptics will argue that it is simply a natural process.

Source: Washington Post

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