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Video: Massive Locust Swarm Fills Russian Sky

An apocalyptic video from Russia captures an enormous swarm of locusts filling the sky and forming massive clouds consisting entirely of the insatiable insects.

In the breathtaking footage, the locusts fly over the head of the cameraman by the thousands and, on the horizon, resemble a treacherous storm.

An eerie soundtrack, of sorts, accompanies the video as the flying bugs strike cars and other solid objects, creating an unnerving rhythm akin to rainfall.

The wave is believed to have already swept across an incredible 7 million acres of farmland in the former Soviet Union as authorities struggle to find ways to combat the creatures.

Those concerned that the swarm of locusts might be a sign of the End Times may be comforted to know that the phenomenon happens to occur twice a year in this area of Russia.

That may explain why, near the end of the video, cars appear to be driving through the swarm as if it were merely another inconvenience on an otherwise normal commute.

Source: Daily Star

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