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Video: Massive Mayfly Swarm Invades Illinois Bridge

Drivers in Havana, Illinois may have wondered if they were in the midst of the apocalypse on Sunday night when a massive swarm of mayflies overtook a bridge in the city.

As thousands of the winged creatures suddenly invaded the area, they created a six-inch-deep layer of insects on the bridge!

Making matters worse, when cars and trucks drove over the bugs, their vanquished bodies caused roads to become extremely slick, leading police to issue a warning about the outbreak.

"I have lived here my entire life and on the job for 31 years and I have never seen anything like that," Havana Police Chief Kevin Noble told the St. Louis Dispatch.

Fortunately, the bizarre event took place around midnight, so traffic was not as heavy as it may have been at a different time of day.

Nonetheless, it took cleanup crews an astounding four hours to clear the bridge of the insects using snowplows and three small dump trucks.

Whether the sudden surge of the insects was an isolated event or the start of an all out infestation remains to be seen, so we suggest Havana residents stock up on some cans of Raid just in case.

Source: St. Louis Dispatch

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