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Video: Monstrous 'Lizard Fish' Caught Near Australia

Marine biologists working off the coast of Australia recently captured a deep sea creature that is as fearsome as it looks.

Scientifically known as a Bathysaurus ferox, the alien-looking fish boasts a head which resembles a lizard, a set of unsettling teeth, a long body similar to an eel.

According to scientists, the savvy predator lurks along the ocean floor, hiding in the sand, and striking when unsuspecting prey swims nearby.

The creature is also known for being a voracious eater, so much so that when some Australians have tried to incorporate its shallow water cousin into their aquariums, the lizard fish feasts on its fellow tank dwellers.

And, as it were not nightmarish enough, the research vessel's on-board communicator described the lizard fish's method of attack as "once it has you in its jaws, there is no escape: The more you struggle, the farther into its mouth you go."

Fortunately, the nearly-two-foot long lizard fish is probably too small to scarf down a person, but we also wouldn't want to put that assumption to the test.

Source: LiveScience

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