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Video: Monstrous Monitor Lizard 'Visits' Thai Home

A family in Thailand found themselves with a bizarre conundrum when a massive monitor lizard paid an unexpected visit to their home and wouldn't leave!

In what appeared to be an attempt at entering the house, the enormous creature had managed to prop itself up against their door and reportedly had the doorknob in its mouth when it was discovered.

The giant lizard seemed unperturbed by the sudden presence of the family as they gathered near it and debated how to get it away from the house.

One observer claimed that throwing a coin at the creature would cause it to depart, but this gem of wisdom was ignored by the family.

Eventually a brave individual approaches the trespassing animal with some kind of rope in an attempt to lasso it.

As might be expected, the effort proved relatively futile as it only managed to get the lizard to return to the ground.

Once it was back on four feet, the lizard seemed to be a bit more annoyed by the attention, whipping its huge tail against the house, creating a worrisome thud and eliciting shrieks from the witnesses.

Unfortunately the video ends without any resolution to how the family eradicated the lizard, but we're assuming they survived the encounter since, in a sign of the times, they uploaded video of the event to Facebook shortly after it happened.

Source: The Telegraph

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