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Video: Mystery Lights Appear Over Phoenix Area

Revelers celebrating the new year in Arizona on Saturday were stupefied when they spotted a series of unexplained lights hovering in the night sky.

The glowing orbs appeared to be aimlessly floating through the air, much to the astonishment of Queen's Creek residents who noticed the strange lights.

Subsequent speculation on social media ran the gamut of possibilities for the source of the lights, including the always-popular ET scenario.

But one witness insists she knows the answer and it's not aliens.

"I saw three lit paper bags and one unlit paper bag," Julie Baumann told TV station KPNX.

As such, she concluded that the 'mystery' lights were actually flying lanterns that had been released as part of a New Year's celebration in the area.

The possible explanation may be doubly disappointing to witnesses, since it would indicate that not only were the lights not UFOs, but that there was also apparently an awesome party happening nearby and they were not invited.

That may explain why some people who saw the lights may be a bit reticent to accept the flying lantern theory.

Source: KPNX Arizona

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