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Video: NASA Finds Odd Meteorite on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover discovered a strange meteorite on the surface of the Red Planet and managed to decipher its origins.

The unique-looking rock drew the attention of astronomers studying images from the rover over the weekend.

Informally nicknamed 'egg rock,' the smooth and shiny find was subsequently subjected to analysis using a special device dubbed the 'ChemCam.'

The remarkable instrument actually shoots a laser into its intended target in order to learn the chemical composition of the object.

Results from the futuristic examination of the golf ball-sized rock determined that it contained elements typically found in meteorites that were once pieces of an asteroid.

While the discovery and study of a mysterious object on Mars by NASA scientists is an incredible display of scientific prowess, it does raise one vexing question.

Why aren't they using the vaunted ChemCam to look at all of the notorious anomalies which keep being spotted by rogue researchers?

Surely if an 'egg rock' is worthy of examination, then the 'shoe on Mars' deserves the same scrutiny and a handgun probably warrants even more attention.

Source: Space.com

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