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Video: New Mexico 'Ghost Girl' Unmasked

In the days leading up to Halloween, a series of 'ghost sightings' electrified a college campus in New Mexico and now the source for the 'spirit' has stepped forward.

After initial encounters with the ghost were reported by students at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, attempts to conjure the spirit became a craze on campus.

Known as the 'Duck Pond Challenge,' brave students would don a blindfold and film themselves walking across a bridge on the UNM campus.

For some 'lucky' students, their videos featured an appearance by an eerie girl with long hair covering her face and lurking behind them in the classic depiction of a sinister ghost.

However with Halloween having come and gone, a student at the university has revealed that she was the 'ghost girl.'

Valerie Perea says that her ghostly performances were simply a publicity stunt aimed at advertising a friend's short film.

While Parea's confession clears up the 'ghost girl' mystery, we can't help but wonder, coupled with yesterday's news about the UNM administrator using school funds to study Bigfoot, just what is going on over at the University of New Mexico.

Source: KRQE

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