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Video: New Yorkers Quizzed on Remote Viewing

Making use of the huge cache of remote viewing documents released by the CIA last month, an inquisitive reporter took to the streets of NYC and had people interpret the psychic sketches.

Caleb Maupin of RT performed the informal poll of bewildered New Yorkers, who largely had no idea what the sketches were supposed to show.

When Maupin revealed that the drawings came from a secret CIA psychic program, their reaction was rather incredulous.

A few people expressed dismay that the government funded such a project while one woman simply declared, "no, that's ridiculous."

Unfortunately, much like the Denver UFO sighting coverage over the weekend, the piece took a decidedly negative view of the remote viewing phenomenon.

That said, conspiracy theorists may recall that the government's interest in remote viewing was spawned by rumors of Soviet psychic experiments back in the 1970's.

Considering the source of this seemingly innocent segment mocking the concept, suspicious minds may wonder if the Russians are trying to discredit remote viewing so it is seem as a joke to Americans.

If only the United States had a team of people with extraordinary clairvoyant abilities who could tell us what was really going on ...

Source: RT

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