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Video: Ornery Hippo Charges Truck

A chance encounter with a wandering hippopotamus went from wondrous to worrisome for one South African man when the creature turned and barreled into his truck!

Wilkus Ceronie spotted the enormous animal on a bridge while traveling through Kruger National Park.

Stunned by the incredible sight, Ceronie began filming the creature with his cell phone, but the hippo was apparently not too thrilled with being the center of attention.

The suddenly ornery animal pivoted from its position at the side of the bridge and began charging towards Ceronie's truck.

Realizing that he was about to be hit by a hippo, the terrified driver braced himself for impact and hoped for the best.

Fortunately, he continued filming and captured the incredible moment when the hippo hit the vehicle head on and rocked the truck in an incredible display of brute force.

After actually trying to bite the vehicle, the hippo presumably felt that it had made its point as it subsequently left the scene.

Despite significant damage to the front of his truck from hippo attack, Ceronie was thankful that the creature relented in its assault as the outcome could have been far worse.

Source: Mirror

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