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Video: Police Trailcams Get Pranked

A pair of trailcams deployed by police in Gardner, Kansas revealed an array of surprising 'wildlife' in their local park via some incredibly creative pranksters.

The cameras had been set up in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a mountain lion that was reportedly seen recently in the area by residents.

However, when the police department checked the cameras after they had been running for a few days, they were stunned by what they found.

Amidst images of expected creatures like skunks and raccoons were numerous photos of people in costume 'performing' for the camera.

The strange characters included gorillas, werewolves, an elderly person with a walker, and someone donning a creepy pig mask.

Fortunately the Gardner Police Department had a good sense of humor about the prank, posting the photos to their Facebook page and actually thanking the jokesters for giving them a good laugh.

We're guessing that they're reaction wouldn't have been so positive if the pranksters had opted to appear as the infamous creepy clowns.

Source: Washington Post

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