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Video: River in Russia Turns Blood Red!

A Russian city with the dubious honor of being one of the most polluted areas of the world strengthened its grip on that title after a local river turned blood red!

The Daldykan River suddenly acquired the unsettling hue over the last few days, much to the astonishment and concern of residents in the nearby city of Norilsk.

What may be more worrisome than the apocalyptic discoloring of the water is the suggested source for the change.

Locals believe that the river became red due to some kind of mishap at a metals factory that sits along the water, although owners of the plant denied any responsibility.

However evidence seems to suggest that the factory may indeed be to blame as an initial investigation by Russian environmental officials suggested a leaky pipe at the plant could behind the incident.

Additionally, local residents contend that similar events have happened in the past and, in the winter, even the snow has been known to turn red!

The probably pollution is merely a proverbial drop in the bucket for the region, which has been suffering from its proximity to a myriad of metal factories in the area.

One particular activist is so fed up with the situation that he has proposed a dire challenge to get the industry to take notice.

Grigory Dukarev told ABC News that he intends to ask owners of the metals factory to drink the red water in order to 'prove' that it is safe!

We suspect that his request will be rebuffed, but, since this story takes place in Siberia, embarrassed officials probably don't have anywhere worse to send him in retribution.

Source: ABC News

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