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Video: Selfie Stumble Results in Smashed Statue

A tourist visiting a museum in Portugal accidentally created a memory that will last a lifetime after a careless selfie attempt resulted in the destruction of a priceless statue.

The incident occurred last Sunday at Lisbon's National Museum of Ancient Art when an unidentified man was admiring a statue of Saint Michael.

Not content to simply observe and appreciate the 18th century piece, the tourist decided to take a selfie with the statue.

According to a witness who saw the scene unfold, as the man tried to take the picture, he walked backwards into the statue and sent it crashing to the floor.

The statue was subsequently smashed into several pieces and deemed irreparable by museum officials.

It has yet to be determined whether the man will face any punishment for the mishap, but perhaps putting him in the museum's basement with the broken statue and a few bottles of superglue would do the trick.

Source: Daily Mail

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