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Video: Snake Fight Stops Golf Game

A golfer in South Africa was forced to put her game on hold when she encountered a pair of venomous snakes engaged in an epic battle!

Cara Treherne spotted the incredible showdown between the two black mambas when she arrived at the 14th hole at a golf course near Kruger National Park.

Amazed by what she was seeing, Treherne quickly pulled out her cell phone to film the mesmerizing scene and alerted the other players around her to the remarkable event unfolding on the course.

After some debate over how they should proceed, since the snakes seemed to have no intention of ending their fight, the party eventually opted to pass on playing that particular hole.

Fortunately, their foursome did not include the foolhardy golfer who decided to sneak up on a python and grasp its tail a few weeks ago, although we're guessing he wouldn't have been so brave in this instance.

Considering how jaw-dropping both incidents were, we're beginning to wonder if the addition of snakes on the course could help curb golf's reputation for being a boring spectator sport.

Source: UPI

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