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Video: Snake Gets Stuck in Circle of Shed Skin

A python residing at a reptile center in Australia became trapped for hours after shedding its skin in a perfect circle and having no way to escape!

The stumped serpent was so perplexed by its predicament that it actually slithered in a circle for an incredible three hours in a confused attempt to find an opening.

Handlers at the reptile center were amazed by the scene and the director of the facility marveled that he'd never seen such an event despite working with the creatures for over thirty years.

Fortunately, the snake eventually managed to break through the dead skin and freed itself from the maddening trap of its own making.

Mesmerizing video of the odd occurrence taken by the reptile center staff has amassed over 200,000 views online, meaning that any embarrassment felt by snake for its faux pas will likely be as difficult to escape as its circle of skin turned out to be.

Source: Daily Mail

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