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Video: Sunken 'Lost City' is a Natural Formation

A series of submerged 'structures' off the coast of Greece that had some wondering if they were a lost city have been proven to be, in fact, merely natural formations.

Discovered in 2013, the oddly-shaped stones appeared to resemble columns and tile floors from ancient Greek architecture.

The potentially sunken city was further clouded with mystery when archeologists diving down to the area could find no signs of human activity beyond the seemingly-manmade 'structures.'

However a new study coordinated by Greek universities has come up with an explanation for why the 'lost city' appeared to be abandoned: because is was never a city at all.

An extensive examination of the columns and 'tile floor' revealed that they were actually created as a result of a methane leak from the sea bed.

According to the scientists, bacteria feeding off of the methane likely created the concrete-like substance which comprised the 'columns' as a byproduct of that process.

Rather than evidence for Greek architectural prowess, the cylindrical-shaped 'columns' are actually a remarkable testament to the balance of nature.

They say that the unique formation was caused by microbes encircling a hole which was spewing methane.

Ironically, the natural formations are actually millions of years old and pre-date human civilization.

So while they may have been part of a 'lost city' from the distant past, it turns out that the once-bustling borough was the domain of bacteria rather than people.

Source: The Guardian

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